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WorldRemit Review

worldremit review
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  • Rated 3.5 stars
£20 to £20000
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  • WorldRemit Review
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  • Last modified: January 20, 2017
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WorldRemit Review


WorldRemit keeps their service simple: Send money any time, anywhere.

Online only- digital transfers can be initiated 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Money can be sent to bank accounts, for cash pickup, to a Mobile Money service (mobile wallets) and as mobile airtime top-up.



A Simple Process:

  1. Select country, method recipient will receive and amount to send. Fees and exchange rate is displayed.
  2. Add new recipient or send to someone in list of people who have received transfers in past.
  3. Send money via Visa, MasterCard or Maestro using debit or credit cards (Bank charges may be added for cash advance). Sender and recipient each get notifications by SMS or email when money is sent and received.


Benefits of using WorldRemit service:

  • Many transfers arrive instantly.
  • Transfer times for chosen country, receiving methods are displayed before payment is made.
  • Instant transfers available to selected banks. Others vary country.
  • Cash pick-up is available for collection instantly
  • Airtime top-up is always instant or near instant.
  • Mobile Money is always instant or near instant.
  • Home delivery available in The Philippines, 24hrs – 7 days depending on location



Unusual opening image relates a real story: a young physician working in a hospital holds her phone, smiling after having just sent a transfer to the comfortably well off older couple ( obviously her parents) who  look at the phone they hold with a certain pride. World Remit is showing money transfers for skilled workers. The site is the most racially diverse in images of clients. The still images shown on the website are seen as video on WorldRemit’s very popular Face Book page which has over 746,224 likes. Family values and sending money back to families in Asia and Africa are highly emphasized in a number of highly professional short videos ( This is no doubt one of the ways the invested funds have been utilized, capturing the global face book audience through media presentation.).

Services like mobile money are demonstrated; as clients in Uganda are filmed explaining how essential a mobile wallet is in places where banks aren’t available. Mobile money outlets are plentiful in such countries and clients can use their mobile to make purchases.



Excellent  9.5 rating on TRUSTPILOT with 7318 reviews- Comments from many users reflect WorldRemit’s global reach- very often reviewers aren’t English speakers. Consistent complaint made is the low rates.

Complaints Board lists 47 complaints that point to the obvious issue with a company using digital exclusively- customer service. Contacting WorldRemit when money hasn’t been transferred proves very frustrating to those who returned to find out where their funds had disappeared to. Phone support or increased customer support and tracking services would improve service.


Editor’s Review:

With one service- transfers, WorldRemit is a very lean sort of currency exchange fare. Little wonder the company emphasises sending money to third world countries as that is simply all its set up to do. Keeping the transfers digital should, theoretically allow for spectacular savings, alas, there is no evidence proving the rates are in fact competitive. Customers on TRUSTPILOT write some of the shortest, most generic reviews seen on the site, all simply seem dazed to receive money in far flung places, which isn’t necessarily joy at the service, but more likely gratitude at being assisted by their benefactors. When transfers do not go through as planned WorldRemit struggles to put things right. Those who sent the funds and received messages that the funds had been delivered have very little support as they wait for the WorldRemit to comprehend and eventually correct their errors.

For simple third world transfers, WorldRemit does usually work out fine, and they are very easy to use, although rates aren’t the best, so we give them:

4 out of 5 stars for transfers.



For ease of delivery to third world locations where banks aren’t available, mobile delivery services like mobile wallets are essential. Also mobile airtime top-up is helpful for those with dependants abroad.


Rates aren’t easy to compare- there’s no currency calculator on site, so client has to depend on the WorldRemit quote during the transfer process. Using credit card exposes client to additional unseen charges that increase their costs.