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Currencies Direct Review

currencies direct
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  • Rated 3.5 stars
£50 to £500000
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Currencies Direct Review

Currencies Direct Ltd is a UK-based foreign exchange company founded in London by Mayank Patel OBE and Peter Ellis in 1996. Currencies Direct has offices in the UK, the USA, China, Spain, France, Portugal,  India, South Africa, and the UAE.. It also has operations in the Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, and Malta, employing more than 300 people in offices around the world. In August 2015 Currencies Direct was acquired for more than £200 million by Corsair Capital and Palamon Capital.

Currencies Direct offers foreign exchange services, forward contracts, risk solutions, affiliate partnerships and online services. Currencies Direct specialises in services for clients purchasing property abroad, emigrating or studying overseas. Business client services include assisting with importing and exporting, selling online or making other large and/or regular foreign exchange transfers.

currencies direct

currencies direct

39 currencies available

Minimum transfers: £100, $ 100 and Euro 100

£25 Amazon voucher for referring a friend

No app- daily rates are delivered by email


Private Services:

  • Quick Spot contracts and transfers
  • Forward contracts, when today’s rate looks good
  • Regular transfers for overseas payments
  • Limit orders for sending currency at a guaranteed rate
  • Rate Watch scanning the markets for your ideal rate


Business Services

  • Business services Understand, measure and monitor your foreign exchange exposures
  • Our products Everything you need to know about what we can do
  • Premier Business Accounts A specialised service for larger accounts
  • Currency Options Transparent tools to manage exposure to rate volatility
  • Risk management Helping your business run more smoothly
  • Paying your suppliers International payments quickly and securely
  • Business insight The topics and trends affecting finance, international payments and cash management


Whether expanding to new markets, signing new partners, or involved in corporate acquisitions, Currencies Direct promises they will understand, measure and monitor  foreign exchange exposures using a variety of approaches, including:

Market view – By drawing on and aggregating the views of leading economists, clients can define potential market outcomes, assign probabilities to outcomes, and incorporate these projections into decision-making

Cash management – Discuss and explore with client the different ways in which they could view cash flows which occur in various currencies

Risk management – At client’s request, quantitative methods typically adopted by corporate treasurers, regulators and financial institutions are employed to measure the potential impact of currency fluctuations on  income and other financial ratios

Deal execution – Helping clients create a strategy for dealing with foreign exchange that accounts for the size, timing and certainty of the underlying cash flows.

Currencies Direct offer foreign exchange as a service which clients can access without obligation or commitment: Their stated aim is to help clients make independent and informed decisions

E-Tailer Services:


Partner Programme:

Referring customers to Currencies Direct benefits for Partners:

  • Peace of mind that your clients are in safe hands
  • Added value service to your business at no cost
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Reputable partner with strong online presence
  • Useful widgets and tools to enhance your website

For clients

  • Bank-beating exchange rates with no transfer fees
  • A simple, direct and friendly service
  • Expert assistance on international transfers
  • Range of products to help them transfer for less
  • Trade online 24/7 (or over the phone if they prefer)


Customers can be referred by direct referral, through online currency widgets that direct traffic to Currencies direct and by shared call to action marketing campaigns



Currencies Direct’s homepage cheerfully directs visitors to sign up and to get a free quote without offering them any rates or assurances of savings. None of the tools like a mid- market rate calculator are immediately available, which makes it difficult to know – especially on a mobile-what rates are on offer. Some patient digging yields currency pair rates and daily rates, but they aren’t likely to be found by a first time one-off spot transfer client.

There is very little up to date content- for instance ‘About us’ has not been updated since 2013 to reflect the company being purchased in 2015.

Instead of having an app to view daily rates or daily market analysis, Currencies Direct will provide emails for clients who sign up, offering:

Daily market Analysis and Weekly marker analysis

Product News-alerting clients to new services and special offers

Quarterly Newsletter focused on overseas property purchasing, expat tips and local lifestyle insights

The only good content Currencies Direct offers is on their knowledge hub, directed towards online Sellers. Articles include advising on sourcing in China and An analysis of how George Osbourne’s budget delivers to online sellers provide businesses with engaging, informative support. The daily currency news briefs offer snippets of market updates that are easy to understand, if limited in scope.



9.1 rating On TRUSTPILOT for Currencies Direct, with 1,108 reviews which are predominantly positive.  Three complaints regarded poor exchange rate. One transfer of £120,000 found that his bank would have actually saved him money, proof that he was given a very poor rate of exchange. Another frustrated client waited over 3 weeks for funds to reach her beneficiary’s account- a stressful experience for a personal client or any business. Currencies Direct, the client fumed, wasn’t taking responsibility for the delay. Currencies Direct responded that they were ‘chasing up the responsible bank on a regular( not daily?) basis in order to resolve issue.’

ReviewCentre gives Currencies Direct 3.7 out of 5 stars with complaints about very poor exchange rates. On a £1,000 transfer a client noted that she wasted time setting up the account and waiting for the money only to find that she’d only saved £10 over her bank charges and noted the process wasn’t worth the additional time it took. Another also found his service much slower than his bank’s with a meagre saving to show for the hassle. A business client was upset when he used Currencies Direct twice and, after having initiated his transfer with no compliance questions, he was asked to give many compliance necessary documents. Had he been directed to do so at the start, he’d have been able to organize this, but he experienced a frenzy of calls during business seeking data after he thought he’d completed the process. His customer service experience cost him 4 hours of business time.


Editor’s Review:

Currencies Direct is not the industry leader one expects when considering they’ve served over 150,000 clients since 1996 and handled over £2 billion. Expanding globally is a great model for increasing profit, to be sure, but in order to compete with an innovative industry, Currencies Direct has to keep up with the younger companies who are still fired up about providing the best rates and service. Why doesn’t Currencies Direct have an app or seem to connect to its personal customer’s stories the way other large UK foreign exchange companies do? More importantly-why can’t they work harder to provide a great rate? It’s passé to say ‘we can do better than banks’ and silly to simply do a titch better for personal transfer. Bigger volume doesn’t equate to a better rate, proves Currencies Direct.

4 out of 5 stars. Good eTailer support, however Currencies Direct is not even trying to convince the client they offer the best spot rates. This older model of a foreign exchange firm is ready for a tune-up in these customer-centric times of ours!



Primarily focused on support for e-tailers and corporate clients, Currencies Direct makes business partnerships its priority which might make them a good match for those clients.

Partner ICE Travel Money can be accessed through Currencies Direct’s website, so in an off-hand way they do provide travel money.


Currencies Direct doesn’t even offer the best rate- they only guarantee to beat banks! There’s little website support for private clients and no feel of a concern for the individual-no photos of satisfied clients and little human connection feeling throughout the company website.