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Caxton FX Review

 caxton fx review
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  • Caxton FX Review
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  • Last modified: January 20, 2017
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Caxton FX Review

Caxton FX, was founded in 2002 by Rupert Lee-Browne a management consultant for financial and media groups with a background in IT and start-up companies.  UK based, Caxton FX differs from traditional currency exchange firms by offering pre-paid currency cards as well as foreign exchange services.


Personal Pre-paid Travel Currency Cards

Before or during a trip, clients load money onto their Caxton FX currency card using the Caxton FX app, their online account or by telephone.

All Caxton FX cards charges the interbank rate plus 2.49% exchange fee.

Caxton FX MasterCard

Promising to save card £110 on travel spending, Caxton FX compares its card service with the high street bank rate that would be charged exchanging £2401.21 at the very highest rates.  Selected bank rates correct as of 16:30 29/02/16 from selected high street banks including Halifax, HSBC, NatWest and Lloyds, Caxton FX, clarifies.

There are 15 currencies supported by the personal cards.

Caxton FX Visa Card works in much the same way their MasterCard does, saving clients from paying POS fees and ATM withdrawal charges when used overseas. Domestically, however, the fees are charged.

caxton fx

Business CardService

Caxton FX has three travel cards promising to deliver competitive exchange rates without incurring POS fees or ATM charges abroad (They do incur these fees when used domestically, however.). Another advantage is easy administration of employee travel budget and expenses

European Traveller card will have Sterling or Dollars loaded to be spent in Euro.

Dollar Traveller card will have Sterling or Euro loaded to be spent in Dollars.

Global Traveller card will have Dollars or Sterling loaded to be spent in Sterling.

  • Caxton FX has an app, giving card members the ability to check balances and transactions.
  • Card holders-except the business travellers– can switch currencies (as they travel) via the app or online.
  • Cards are chip and pin secured and function globally.


Personal Foreign Exchange Services

Promising no overseas transaction rates, unlike their competitors, Caxton FX maintains they can beat other foreign currency exchange firms by paying no commission to their account managers. They feel this guarantees a pressure-free trade and an independent view on the best value from exchanges.



With £100 minimum , £50,000 maximum, clients can transfer 24 currencies through Caxton FX’s online exchange platform.

International payment services with 24 currencies are available by telephone and online.

24/7 online service for exchanges and transfers

Rate Watch and Limit Order

Dedicated account manager for transfers over £20,000.

No transfer fee

Primarily personal foreign exchange service, Caxton FX lists their international transfer service works to: purchase overseas property, holiday villas, pay overseas mortgages, emigrate, send money home and make pension transfers.



The company has very little to support business on offer on its website.

Travel money is promoted by Caxton Allstars: Aimee Fuller, Chemmy Alcott, Danielle (Nollie) Waterman and Melissa Reid, all inspiring women representing excellence in their sporting careers. Sending blog dispatches from competitions around the globe, the athletes bring unique content to the company website.

The website has limited analysis, reports and forecasts on foreign currency markets and international economies.



Caxton FX is regulated by the FCA. All client funds are held as ‘client money’ in designated client trust accounts at EU institutions and are ring-fenced to safeguard them in the case of a financial crisis.

Caxton FX charges a £50 investigation fee to clients who require assistance.



Very rarely has a currency exchange company had so many scathing reviews as Caxton’s MasterCard has on TRUSTPILOT! 156 reviewers rated the travel card at 5.6 out of 10 points. Frustration was consistently with problems in loading money onto the card. These IT glitches were exacerbated by Caxton customer service consistently blaming customer’s banks and refusing to load money onto cards. Customers expressed rage at having to go abroad without their travel money, which had been mishandled by Caxton FX. Customer service, reviewers complain, was consistently too busy , or ill-equipped to fix the issues.

Another review site listed 7 reviews with a rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars. Two clients complained of long wait times on phone, both stating customer service wasn’t helpful. Another reviewer tried to use their card in Florida and found it refused several times.


Editor’s Review

Caxton FX card can’t be trusted until the IT issues are sorted. The whole point in using the card is to be able to rely on great rates for travel money. The company wastes customer’s time when they have to make overseas calls to try to sort problems out.  Given the fact that the client has already loaded their own money onto the card, Caxton FX makes an error when it holds the money, and therefore, their client hostage by keeping them on long distance phone calls or lengthy email processes when problems occur. Charging customers £50 to investigate problems is only adding insult to injury.

2.5 out of 5 stars, although the cards work well most of the time, the few times they malfunction they’ve spoilt holidays and caused undue stress. Customer service apathy and long wait times on hold with no positive immediate outcome are unacceptable.



Innovation-the first company to launch a currency card. Caxton fx cards save travellers from POS charges and ATM charges abroad. They help companies budget and track travel expenses.


When the cards don’t work well due to Caxton fx IT problems, travellers can be stranded without access to their money. When Caxton fx has mistakenly taken more than it was authorized from client accounts, the client wasn’t reimbursed.