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02 Oct 2016

The 5 Types of Typical Presenters


As an audience when we look at presenter, we begin classifying the presenter inside our mind. Have you seen these presenters? What type would you choose?


Can be found at: this kind of presenter is usually someone through the numbers division like MIS.

Opinion: S/he thinks that presentations are made to move information quickly plus in great volumes.

Affect audience: Table after dining table and graph after graph quickly rolls as you’re watching dazed audience eyes. Fortunately, this sort of presenter generally he in addition thinks that presentations must certanly be short.


Can be found at: Typically these presenters are found when you look at the product sales division.

Opinion: They feel presentations shouldn’t be boring and really should bring a smile on their audience faces. Being mindful of this, they truly are friendly, break all sorts of jokes and disregard what’s written on the slides and tell their particular tales.

Affect audience: After the presentation, audience is happy, but have a hazy recollection of what the presenter actually desired.


Can be found at: Really lower levels or really greater amounts of organizations

Opinion: These presenters are of 2 kinds. One, who’s so reduced in the device, which they feel frightened to express such a thing with any level of self-confidence. So that they mutter, mumble and stumble their particular method through presentation. The next type, is usually right at the top and seems that individuals should tune in to what they state, because they’re saying it.

Affect audience: in any event, this sort of presenter doesn’t bother to produce such a thing interesting. They follow what’s written on slides plus the audience is like discover a sleeping gas leak when you look at the boardroom.


Can be found at: Any fairly senior place

Opinion: they will have managed to make it this full of the companies hierarchy. They’re essential and are also yes they’ve many essential things to express. They dress with great design with silver cuff links and costly connections. They’re really aware of having a slick looking presentation template.

Impact on audience: The audience have nothing to do but listen as their questions are handled with gentle disdain. When the presenter finishes there is a clear need to stand up and whistle with appreciation or throw bouquets irrespective of the nonsense the presenter spouted. Those in the audience who get impressed by style do enjoy the show.


Can be found at: Any technical place

Opinion: individuals when you look at the audience surely understand less than all of them, so they want to educate the viewers with their exceptional wisdom. They typically utilize presentation templates with blocks of fluorescent shade.

Affect audience: The audience is addressed like kids on a voyage of learning. Many times once the audience does understand less than this presenter, they do tune in. However in a company presentation, this sort of presenter will not make a beneficial effect, as audience hate becoming talked down seriously to.

We’ve missed the 6th type, the rare type: The Superior Presenters. They’ve great artistic slides, they may be able engage audience with questions, they may be able supply technical details when needed, they dress fairly well and talk to self-confidence. After the presentation, the viewers seems they truly are ready to take the activity your presenter demonstrably needed.

Are there any various other presenter kinds you have got discovered, maybe not covered in almost any of these groups?