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01 Oct 2016

iPhone App Assessment – Wikipanion



Last Updated: July 09, 2011
Designer: Robert Chin Price: FREE
iPhone: Yes
iPad: Yes
iPod: Yes
Category: iPhone | iPad | iPod research

The other day I happened to be the need to understand what the administrative centre of Chile ended up being, so I downloaded the Wikipedia iPhone app and found that it was painfully sluggish and randomly crashed on me personally. We put wiki to the iTunes google and developed an entire number of third party Wikipedia iPhone applications that every reported become a lot better than the real thing. I made a decision to give Wikipanion a-try and I also’ve got to state i’m above impressed. Out of all the Wikipedia iPhone applications I think it’s the most features and more importantly the quickest smoothest program of the many wiki iPhone apps nowadays. Some of the features that I specifically liked had been:

Fast and simple looking: Wikipanion tends to make searching possible for three factors. First of all it has the auto complete, so most of the time all you need to do is type in the first few letters of what you are considering and it’ll pop right up. Subsequently, with regards to displays the serp’s, it offers you a preview for the entry to make it an easy task to quickly see whether you’ve discovered what you are seeking. Eventually, if it doesn’t find whatever youare looking for, it’ll place your query inquiry into Bing to start working out for you find what you are seeking.

Fast and simple Dictionary: This particular aspect alone tends to make Wikipanion stand that beats all others for the iPhone apps: The dictionary occurs in a different window so you can lookup a phrase and never having to keep the article that you are reading! The Wikipanion dictionary can also be the only real dictionary that We have that may pronounce not merely the term, although meaning and much more! Comes with a thesaurus that is convenient enough that I discover myself swallowing it whenever I’m seeking just the right word in an email.

Multilingual and Translator: Wikipedia will come in over 50 various languages and Wikipanion? Well, 15. But it is multilingual and translating capabilities tend to be pretty i’m all over this and I also’m easily able to read Spanish translated pages with no issue. My just gripe relating to this feature is often unique figures don’t display right – which can be slated become fixed quickly.

Print Reformatting: Wikipanion re formats each one of the Wikipedia pages to make certain that its a lot easier regarding eyes and simpler to see regarding phone. The print becomes bigger plus it allows for simple scrolling so you can easily circumvent the article you are reading. The print reformatting is particularly nice because one of the most significant dilemmas I experienced with Wikipedia’s very own app is that the text ended up being often difficult to see. Other iPhone applications have actually a zoom purpose that there is inconvenient at best.

Maintains a brief history if you’d like it also: Wikipanion keeps track of in which you’ve been and allows you to easily return back, staying in touch on last 100 visited entries for future guide. For privacy, the iPhone app allows you to clear your cache on click for the key. The Wikipanion iPhone app also provide the possibility to reduce or switch off tracking entirely.

Bookmarking made simple: The Wikipanion iPhone app has among the simplest bookmarking methods of every for the wiki applications. Two presses therefore the bookmark is scheduled so you can easily remember that article you will need to show “know-it-all Bob” on water cooler that a zebra’s tongue is definitely black! Talking about appearing “Bob” wrong among the best features is…

Prove it: The feature for whenever you simply have to demonstrate that you’re appropriate! Wikipanion includes a quick post link enabling that quickly e-mail something with two key pushes. The multi-tasking capacity which was only added additionally enables you to quickly end whatever you’re performing and whip out an article. Just take that Bob!

Pros and Cons


~ Little and lightweight – At less than 3 megabytes in dimensions, this iPhone app adds countless features towards iPhone without taking much room. Becoming so tiny, it downloads in only a few seconds.

~ Full of Features – If all my buzz overhead was not enough for your needs I’ll sum it all up. It is a encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and formal wing man for your iPhone.

~ Free – The other Wiki iPhone applications having this many features require at the least a payment. This is basically the most useful free guide iPhone app readily available.


~ Random Errors – Every so occasionally I have one that creates the program to crash. I’m customarily able to take it back up and keep on going but its still annoying nonetheless. This happens very infrequently, I’ll go times without having any issues as soon as I finally start to think they fixed the iPhone app, poof!

~ Pictures display funny sometimes – common issue with many iPhone applications however it takes place here also; often the image wont display or will only display half way. Refreshing often helps.

~ Paid features – A couple of the features that I thought would be nice such as offline watching can be found, in the event that you buy the upgrade. Don’t get me personally wrong, a man must make their buck, but I hate it whenever I think of a good idea for an app and then determine that its these types of a good idea i must shell out the dough!

There’s maybe not else I am able to state various other that I use this app all the time. I’dn’t leave home without it and I also am today a feared upholder of truth on water cooler! Here my iPhone app roar!

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